Wykonawcy: Przemysław Stachyra

* Beata Broniewicz * Łucja Czesak * Olga Fall * Julia Markiewicz * Krystyna Połtowicz * Maja Zazula * Magdalena Zgoda *

Paweł Aksamit * Michał Bobrzynski * Kuba Finster * Sebastian Kasina * Mariusz Moniowski *

Muzyka: Gabriela Ballion * Maksymilian Kowalski

Reżyseria: Wiesław Danielec

Współpraca artystyczna: Maria Broniewicz

Premiera: 8 października 1996r. Malmö.

Czas trwania 80'


u Konsula Po premierze zostaliśmy zproszeni do Konsulatu Generalnego RP w Malmö.

Konsul pani Grażyna Sosnowska i Konsul Generalny pan Stefan Skawina.



Translated from Polish by Adam Czerniawski

The poet and playwright Tadeusz Różewicz was born on 9th October, 1921 in Radomsko, Poland. Like his Polish contemporary, Mro?ek, he is a tireless experimenter, dissatisfied even with the present day avant-garde. Each one of the three theatrical plays mentioned below shows a different aspect of his success in breaking new ground and laying the basis for a fresh formula for modern theatre.

While at school he wrote for several youth magazines but had to a abandon any plans for further education due to family hardship, his father having a minor clerical job. During the war years he worked variously as a private tutor, a labourer and a town-hall messenger and in 1945 went to Cracow University to study History of Art.

He now lives with his family in Wroc3aw. He has travelled extensively both in Western and Eastern Europe.

His published work includes fourteen volumes of poetry, as well as "Collected Poems" 1957, and "Anxiety" 1963, "Collected Plays" l966, and two volumes of short stories.

He was awarded the State Prize, First Class, for literature in l966 and the Jurzykowski Foundation USA Prize for the same year.

In "The Card Index", Ró?ewicz first play, the Hero is confronted by a series of characters representing different facets of his past life. With each new period of his life, his name changes, as though a different "self" were involved with every situation.

Other well-known plays by Tadeusz Różewicz:

"The Interrupted Act" - an exposé of the problems facing the young dramatist of today. Ró?ewicz takes a short series of events and writes several variations on this basic theme. His detailed stage directions and footnotes are as important as the action itself.

"Gone Out portrays" shows the attempts of Henry, the central character, to start his life again from the beginning. A farcical accident with a banana skin makes him lose his memory, and he sees in this loss an opportunity to withdraw from the absurdities of daily life. Gradually, however, he comes to his senses and is brought back into the conventional bosom of his family.

Our Studio has been interested with plays by Tadeusz Różewicz for several years. Two of our productions that we made were based on the great plays: "The Witness" and "Falling Down". We also of then work on the author's short plays treating then as a brilliant material for workshops. Some of these little plays ("Babymaybe", "What Comes, What Goes" and "The Giant") we performed for an outside audience.